Spring tour over

Well, it was fantastic to meet so many of you out on the road - our St. Patrick’s Day tour was tons of fun, with friendly audiences, unusual venues (including a school, a couple of barns, a church and a cinema!), a couple of relaxing spa days, a trip to the instrument museum in Markneukirchen, and a fantastic birthday celebration for Hendrik!

Now we’re working hard in preparation for our time in Tuscany in May, when we’ll spend a week together in a beautiful location, working on new songs and tunes for our forthcoming album (and enjoying Rolf’s cooking!). Shortly after, we’ll be heading out again in May to perform in Langenargen (13th), Dexheim (14th), Birkenfeld (15th - a shared gig with Broom Bezzums) and Sindelfingen (16th). Hopefully see you soon! Meanwhile, a few insights in the back stage and tour van mayhem of this year's spring tour in our latest tour diary video...also featuring a confetti bomb live on stage!