Cara live in March


The February tour was a blast, thanks to all of you who made it along! You'll have seen Juergen's snazzy new shirts, then...As well as fun gigs, we enjoyed generous hospitality - drinking "the true word of God" in a ceremony after dinner in Oldenburg, and receiving lovely gifts in Twistringen (as well as enjoying table tennis and a sauna in the hotel). Before and after playing in a delightful historic venue in Osdorf, we were fed Gudrun's favourite - tasty, healthy veggie food -  and given a warm welcome by Ursula and Heinrich, and Kim finally succumbed to the delights of German sausage backstage (while playing Battleships) in Kappeln. Steffen helped us celebrate Rolf's birthday with a van full of balloons, a party on the bridge to Denmark, and a surprise confetti bomb on stage in the beautiful venue in Ballerup, and we all enjoyed time in Copenhagen before being made very welcome in Fyn Folk Club, Odense. Fish rolls dominated our visit to Laboe, before returning to the Lutterbeker, where the post gig revelry included singing canons and disco dancing with Hendrik's brother!  It was great fun to perform in Sumpfblume where the audience were fantastically vocal and up for a party - and we finished with standing ovations from a packed house at Uslar! 

We're ready to party some more - Kim celebrates her 100th gig with Cara on 17th March, St. Patrick's Day (you'd think we planned that!) and it's Hendrik's birthday on the 19th March. We're in Limbach-Oberfrohna (13th), Oelsnitz/Vogtland (14th), Gefrees (15th), Ansbach (16th), Aschaffenburg (17th), Beitigheim (18th), Göttingen (19th), Neustadt am Rübenberg (20th), and Kellinghusen (21st) - full details on our Dates page. So join the party! Here is the live trailer we produced in January!