Cara 4.0

ryanquadratsmIt is with regret that we are announcing the departure of piper Ryan Murphy; Ryan is sorry to leave the band, but as a member of the band Mànran, as well as Cara, it is proving impossible for him to perform in two bands which are both in such high demand. We had 4 great years together, and wish him all the best for the future!

We are delighted, however, to have found a fantastic replacement for Ryan in the shape of a very talented young piper, steeped in Irish traditional music, who is also a pipe maker, able to make and adapt his own pipes. For many years, he has been a fan of the band Cara and their repertoire. Who is this young man, and where was he found? Incredibly, Hendrik Morgenbrodt is a gem in our midst, from Germany – a real bonus for the band in simplifying the rehearsing and touring process.


He is 24 years old, just taking his exams as a pipe maker, and will hit the stage with Cara from March 20th onwards.

There will be many opportunities to hear the new line up live across Germany, Europe and the USA 2014, tour dates are here!