• Gudrun Walther

    lead vocals, fiddle, diatonic accordion

  • Kim Edgar

    lead vocals, piano

  • Hendrik Morgenbrodt

    uilleann pipes, flutes

  • Jürgen Treyz

    guitars, dobro, backing vocals

  • Aimée Farrell Courtney


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Hendrik Morgenbrodt (D)

At the age of 11 Hendrik started to play French and German bagpipes, at the age of 16 he discovered the sound of the uilleann pipes, which gripped him and didn't let go of him ever since. He was a fast learner, with teachers such as John McSherry, Brian McNamara and Sean Potts. The uilleann pipes are his life, as he is not only playing them, but also a trained pipe maker. After learning the trade from the renowned Andreas Rogge, he has now set up shop under his own name as a self-employed pipe maker.


He built his set of pipes and the reeds especially for CARA, and designed them to match the needs of the band sound. One of his most treasured moments on stage so far is the guest appearance with his heroine Liz Carroll, who kindly invited him to join her on stage for some tunes at the "Crossroad" Irish American Festival in San Francisco 2011. Since he joined CARA in 2014, he has been making a name for himself both as piper and pipe maker on the international scene and has lent his unique sounds to some big classical and pop productions.

"The album (Live) is full of Cara’s standout performances, for me the high point is Morgenbrodt’s slow air (...), which draws every last ounce of emotion from the pipes.” (Séan Laffey, Irish Music Magazine)