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Rescheduling dates, playing live and the new album

Hello all and welcome to the CARA web.

We are incredibly busy rescheduling tour dates. We’ve had to cancel more than 20 gigs this year already, but all of them will find a new ‚home‘. However, a few gigs might still happen in April, if the circumstances permit.

At least one of them will *definitely* go ahead: a live-streamed event on April 16th. Please check our „dates“ section for details. We hope that our open air shows in June and July will be able to go ahead as planned.

We are still working to finish the album as soon as we can, and finding ways to make recording possible, within the safety restrictions of various countries. Thank you so much to those of you who have already pre-ordered the album - you will be among the first to receive it, in a special “pre-release” by 15th July 2021, no matter what happens! If you have not yet pre-ordered, and you’d like to, you can do this here.

The album will also be officially released on 15th October 2021, which will hopefully co-incide with our planned autumn tour going ahead - we’re keeping everything crossed!

Merry Christmas!

Despite all the bad news, first and foremost we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas. We hope that you are safe and healthy, and that your loved ones are, too.

As the pandemic has taken a turn for the worse in Germany, we are very sad to announce that our long anticipated and much looked forward to January tour has had to be cancelled. We've found new dates for all the concerts - the earliest one being a date in May 2021. Please check our dates section for more info.
We are still confident though that all of this will get better eventually, and so we have started our album pre-sale. You can order the new album now, receive it when it’s finished, and get an mp3 with a brand new song straight away!

Also, we have special Christmas offers for all our older CDs (and DVD) - so if you are still looking for gifts, search no more ;-)

Take good care and we'll see you on the other side of this!


So in the end we managed to play two of our concerts that were planned for this autumn, before SARS CoV-2 once again thwarted our plans. 
Germany is in a so-called „partial lockdown“ since Monday 2. November, which includes the closing of all music venues and means for us that we have already played our last show for this year. We are very, very sad about this. You will find updates on how we plan to proceed with our new album here soon, or through our newsletter. If you had already bought tickets for our November tour, you can get your money back, or choose to donate it to support the venues and us. All you need to do is to send a short e-mail to the promoter or venue, mention our concert, put in the hashtag #Aktionticketbehalten and say that you want to donate the ticket fee. 
Please take good care, stay healthy and don’t lose heart - we are trying to do the same! 
Your CARAs 

Concerts in October and November

Despite the pandemic we do have some gigs coming up in October and November:

24.10.2020 FL-9494 SCHAAN Theater am Kirchplatz - TAK

25.10.2020 56410 Montabaur Stadthalle Haus Mons Tabor

18.11.2020 63322 Rödermark Alternatives Zentrum

19.11.2020 34497 Korbach Bürgerhaus

20.11.2020 64673 Zwingenberg Theater Mobile e.V.

24.11.2020 75172 Pforzheim Kulturhaus Osterfeld

25.11.2020 79098 Freiburg Jazzhaus Freiburg

25.11.2020 79098 Freiburg Jazzhaus Freiburg

26.11.2020 CH-8600 DÜBENDORF Obere Mühle

27.11.2020 63916 Amorbach Zehntscheuer Amorbach

28.11.2020 31319 Sehnde Theater im Kornspeicher, Gutshof Rethmar

All our promoters have hygiene concepts that have to be approved beforehand by the health office, and we are all working hard together to make this a safe and enjoyable experience for all of you!

Please click on the dates page for full details.

We are looking forward to playing music for you!