First Gigs in 2014

We have been busy touring in the first three month of 2014! A lot of gigs in the north of Germany, also in Denmark, where we had the pleasure to play at the Strib festival in the lovely town of Midlefart! Luxembourg was also on the list, here are a few pics:

Other highlights included the joint shows with the Broom Bezzums and the Old Blind Dogs. Hendrik Morgenbrodt, our new piper, blended in perfectly, as you can see in the video below:

In the end, we even managed to squeeze in a photo shoot, and now there is one festival left: Magdeburg on the 6th of April, before we take a little break from touring until the end of May!Have a great spring, everybody!

CD 'Horizon' available!

Our new album has arrived! 13 new tracks, eight of which are completely self-penned, plus 2 tune-sets where we use our own tunes together with traditionals or other contemporary compositions, one poem by Robert Burns, set to new music, a traditional Scottish ballad and a cover version of Mick Ryan's "The Widow's Promise" as bonus track! Carefully arranged as always, and recorded with a lot of creativity and good vibes, thanks as well to our newest band member Kim Edgar on piano and vocals. We had fun recording this!

The CD (also as a download including the full booklet) is available over here in the shop!